About James Baines

About James Baines, Artist
Artist James “Junior” Baines

About James Baines

One great way to learn more about James Baines is to read our entry about the Broome Odyssey. There’s a lot of important history there, and a detailed story that illustrates his temperament as well as how he got the house at 9 Mary Street in Malanda, Queensland, where James and his wife Lea raised their children.

Today, James and Lea live on a small farm in Malanda. Their six children drift in and out of the house in random combinations, staying for varying lengths of time. James still paints actively, creating stunning new works when he’s not traveling or tending to the farm. These paintings usually do not last long as they are actively—and avidly—collected. We hope to begin sharing some of them with you in the near future, and plan to create pages with details about more of his important works and their stories.

We have not yet written about The Third Eye and the wild times James and Lea lived in Laos and India when they were just beginning their family. He has lost touch with the many friends and acquaintances he made there. Most of them would have known him as Junior Baines. From time to time one of them finds him through this website. Long-lost friends and those interested in purchasing his artwork can contact James by phone or email:

Phone: 6101161740968376

Email: jamesbainesart[at]gmail[dot]com