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Cooktown Montage, acrylic on canvas, 1966.


6 Comments on “James Baines Art

  1. Hi, our friend Helena Zgraggen bought some pictures from you many years ago.
    She is now 82 years old and would like to visit you and your gallery.
    When woul good time to do so?
    Thanks Alfred

  2. Mr. Baines I am a friend of Dennis Middlebrook, 340 Clinch Shadows Farms, Blaine, Tn.
    37709. Dennis and I became friends when I stopped at his smal rural home , Oak Road,Rutledge, Tn. 37861 USA, AND ASK HIM TO PRAY FOR ME BECAUSE I HAD JUST BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER. Today he was telling me a bit of the history of his life while he spent with you in Australia. Dennis had tears in his eyes as he shared his story with me and told me you would pray for me too if he only knew how to contact you, but since he could not afford a computer he could not contact you. I ask for your information and told him I would try to contact. Please pray for me and reply to my email and I will relay the message to DENNIS.

    • I have one of James’s watercolour paintings that I bought in a little art gallery in Mareeba QLD way back in 1983.
      Unfortunately it is fading over time.

      • You might want to make sure your James Baines watercolor painting is framed under lightfast glass. Non-glare glass allows enough UV through that the art behind it can get damaged by sunlight. Of course, ensure that your painting hangs where it won’t have direct sunlight shining on it at any time.

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